Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Clix-Sense is A Elite Site Not A Scam Site.

** Clix-Sense is A Paid To Click Site That Has Two Different Memberships : Free/Standard And Upgraded/Premium. As A Free Member You Will Typically Earn $0.001 To $0.01 For Every Ads That You Click, And If You Upgrade You Will Earn Between $0.001/$0.01 To $0.02 Per Click. Free Members Typically See 10 To 25 Ads Per Day ( Depends on How Often You Log On To The Site) And Upgraded Members Will See 20 To 35 Ads Per Day.

** Clix-Sense Has Been Around For Several Years Now, And Has A Very Large Advertisement Base. This is good news For You, Because That's Where The Money Comes From To Pay You. This Base is Very Stable, So You Can Also Count On Clix-Sense Paying You Well into The Future. As Soon as You Earn $10 on Clix-Sense You Will Have a Check Mailed To You and Also You Will Get Payment On Your Alertpay Account Every Week, So It's Really Easy To Earn Quickly With This Site.

** Having an upgrade option makes this site seem less legitimate, but you can pay with your click earnings if you don't want to pay out of pocket. The upgrade cost is $10 if you want to pay it up front though, and I suggest you do. Let me show you a few reasons why.

** The main reason to upgrade on Clix-Sense (other than the fact that you can click more ads per day) is the referral program. As an upgraded member, you earn on referrals 5 levels deep! This site gives you an amazing potential to earn a lot of money with little to no work on your part.

** You are paid on referrals for two reasons: the first is for referring them in the first place, the second is when they upgrade. When you refer a new member you earn $0.10, and when they upgrade you earn $2.00. If those referrals add any new members you are paid$1.00 for each as an override commission. On your 5th level though, you are paid a $2.00 override commission on each new upgraded member.

** It sounds complicated, but if you do the math, it can make you a lot of money in a very short amount of time. Let's go through a scenario really quick: If you referred only 5 members to Clix-Sense and only 3 upgraded, and if this same scenario played out for every referral on all 5 levels you would earn $4,221.00.

** Now that's with a very simple scenario, and all the work you did was to add only 5 new Members. That's half a day’s work for me; just imagine how much you can earn!


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