Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Is Neobux a scam PTC Site ?

Is Neo-bux a scam PTC Site ?

** So you came here wondering if neo-bux a scam I imagine. I’ll tell you this I’ve been a member of neo-bux since 2008 which is the year it launched (march) and took the site more seriously in early 2009. I can tell you now that neo-bux is one of the most trust-able ptc sites in the business, one of the reasons it sits high up in the top 10 ptc sites. Another reason being is its a ‘bux‘ site which is more risky when it comes to funds; as all money paid out to members precisely, is not necessarily generated from all advertisers purchasing advertisements.

** Since neo-bux was launched not only has it proven itself to be one of the most sustainable sites in the business, it is the one who has stuck behind the introduction of paying members instantly and has never looked back since, nor does any member have problems getting paid, go ahead and see some of my neo-bux payment proof – unless of course the problem is on your end with the payment processor.

** I’ll tell you now that neo-bux is not a scam. This site is somewhere you can invest money knowing you will always be paid for your earnings from rented referrals or direct referrals/commissions. Such a great thing knowing your ‘renting real people’ in this business and will be paid every time for your work.

** Now while some people will criticize the fact of making net profit, trust me as I said its a top 10 ptc without doubt and I’m a prime example of just how much money you can make, Look at a portion of my neo-bux proof of payments i put up. I’ve been in profit for ages and it increases day by day.

** Yes I did invest for ultimate back in the day (still am) and rented referrals, but I have always bought in new direct referrals, I do still have rented referrals but not a great deal. It obviously isn’t a requirement to invest but does speed up the whole earning process. I would upgrade to at least Golden if I were you anyway keeping in mind you should bring in some directs to make it worthwhile.

** These people who claim they can’t make any profit (the few) are usually the people who aren’t aware of the fact you have to click yourself the days before (according to server time) or they just put no effort in or even bother managing rented refs (if you decide to rent). Of course there isn’t any complaints with direct referrals but people always slow down clicking at some stage or just stop which is why you can recycle real people here.

** I’m not just saying this stuff, trust me I am actually a real critic when it comes to giving ptc sites (or bux sites – your choice) these reviews.
Some features and attributes

** Always paying instantly since its own invention
Upgrade to enhance your earnings and direct referral limits
Renting other users and recycling them
Purchasing a golden pack to increase rental limits and reduce renewal prices
Extremely honest admin who wants the best for his members
Active admin who provides real discounts that he delivers on
Sell your referrals for up to $3 each
Use Ad-prize to try and win something if you like and remember your neo-points.

** I’ll let you decide if neo-bux is a scam

** I’ve told you the basics about neo-bux and I’ve been around since the early days so i know the facts. Neo-bux a scam? I hope I have helped you in any regard if you were curious about if it’s worth getting involved with to make some extra cash. You can take a read of the very active forum yourself to also to see its clearly not a scam, or find more at how does neo-bux work.

** You can make up your own mind about neo-bux scamming members or simply if you think they make it to difficult to make any worthwhile money. If your wanting to give it a crack then you can go straight to neo-bux by clicking here if you like.