Thursday, April 12, 2012

ClixSense Income / Earning Opportunity

Clixsense Earning Opportunity

** Clix Sense is a paid to click program. You will not get rich but you will make a profit with it.

* You can join Clix Sense for free but you make more money if you upgrade. An upgrade costs $10 per year. If you upgrade, you will have the opportunity to click on at least 10 "1 cent" ads per day if you log in both in the morning and the evening.

* Let's do the math. $10 per year is your cost as an upgraded member. Click on 10 ads a day for 300 days allowing for 65 non click days and you have earned $30. That is a 300% profit without having any referrals.

* Refer others who upgrade and your profit margin goes much higher.

* Clix Sense is a proven program and I have been paid from them 4 times and will be paid more times.

* One other note - you will never have to upgrade more than one time out of your pocket as your profit will finance future upgrades.


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