Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Earn Money With NeoBux by Trusted Way

>>> Earn Money With NeoBux <<<

## Neobux is fast, secure, and genuine PTC site which pays out to its members instantly. Unlike other PTC site with the usual clicking and referral thing, Neobux has many many more features to look out for, like mini jackpot, renting referrals. It has over 2 million members under it and deals out in payments everyday. Here's a quick glimpse of what you have to do.

## Login everyday on Neobux website, and click 4 standard ads. Simple isn't it? Now all you got to do is make enough $ to start renting your referrals who will in turn make more cash for you. And as the process will go on, you will finally start earning profits. As its a fact, that money doesn't grow on trees, so you need to be a bit patient to finally start receiving profits.

## Generally, it is 5 min work everyday on such Pay to click websites, but if you want to earn more per day, you can keep sitting on your PC and refresh the Advertisement page in every 1/2 hour, which might get you another standard or even an Extended AD.

## You must be thinking how much you would get per AD. You will get $0.01 for every standard ad but if its an extended Ad, you can also get $0.02 !!

Lets get started :

1) - Click Here To Join

2) Complete your Account Details. Make sure you have a PayPal / Alertpay account otherwise you would not receive any payments!

3) Go to "View Advertisements" Page which you will find easily in the friendly-layout designed by Neobux for their website. Look for 4 standard Ads and click on them 1 by 1.

DO NOT click on 2 ads at the same time as your account will not get credited.

4) You're almost done......

5) Refer Neobux to as many people as you can, as it will certainly double or increase your income per day. Referrals are your own friends or people who join under you , who not only earn for themselves, but give you half of their share. Nice?

6) After you have earned at-last $1.1 , you can purchase referrals through Your Account Page.
As you have only 1.1$, you may "rent" only 3 referrals. And see your earnings increased.

Types of Membership :

** Standard Members: In this, members earn $0.01 - $0.02 per Ad and they get at-least 4 Ads everyday.

** Golden Membership : Currently, it is $90 per year to acquire this membership. If you chose this membership, you will get "Golden Ads" which will get you more rich :D

## Pros : Does not take as long compared to "starting from scratch" method
Cons: A somewhat big initial investment is needed. (But since this site isn't a scam, i say go for it)


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